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Home Energy Clearing

Home Energy Clearing

Create a calm, harmonious living space

Home is your sanctuary.  A place of safety and respite from a busy world.  Your home is an extension of your energy and just as your energy needs to be cleared and maintained, so does the energy of your home.  You can create a more harmonious, peaceful living environment by maintaining your living space through home energy clearing.  When you maintain the energetic space in which you live, you will feel more comfortable in the space, more peaceful and at ease.  You will sleep better.

Here's a helpful metaphor to explain home energy clearing:

A home requires cleaning - dusting, vacuuming, putting items back into the place they belong, decluttering, taking out the trash, and so on.  We generally do some form of cleaning on a daily basis, like dishes or putting laundry in the hamper.  Some tasks are done weekly or monthly.  Other tasks are done once or twice per year, spring cleaning for example.  We generally perform tasks of lesser intensity more frequently and the larger, more intense tasks less frequently.  However, this depends on need.  What if something unexpected occurs and creates a huge mess in the space that requires your immediate attention and also requires more intense cleaning that you were not prepared to perform that day?  Or perhaps you decide you need some assistance and call in a home cleaning service.

Now let's apply this metaphor to energy clearing.  Just like dust in our homes, energetic "dust" and "clutter" will naturally build up in a space over time.  The more time that passes without clearing, the more energetic build up will occur. 

When intense emotions or events are experienced in a space, that energetic "dust" or imprint stays in the space.  Emotions and thoughts are energy.  Humans are energetic beings - our bodies run on electrical currents created by the nervous system.  So, we can perceive the energies around us.  Some people are more sensitive to these energies than others, but all humans have the ability to perceive them.  Have you ever walked into a room after someone had an argument and you felt uncomfortable?  You may not have been there during the actual argument, but you may feel the residual effect of that energy.  As the saying goes, "you could cut the air with a knife."  

It's also important to note that spaces that have a lot of items, knickknacks, or clutter will tend to have more energetic buildup.  Energy should be able to move through a space, like air flow.  If there are a lot of items, the flow will be more restricted and energy can get stuck in certain areas.  This happens frequently in corners, closets, and under or behind furniture. So, cleaning and clearing areas with a lot of items is necessary to keep the energy in the space free and clear.

How do you know if you need our services? 

Well, that depends on how you feel in your space, what's happened or happening in your space, and your comfort level and know--how in doing the clearing work on your own.  Like any home project, you may be comfortable with certain levels of DIY and for some things, you may want to bring in extra help. 


Your home is like a sponge and the energies, emotions, thoughts, and events that occur in the space absorb into the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and household objects.  Your perception of these energies can make you feel uncomfortable.  The energy or vibe of the space may just feel off or not quite right.  If you had an event happen that was highly charged with negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, sadness, despair, grief, or fear, or if there was illness, it's a good idea to clear the space.  ​

There are things you can do on you own on a daily basis to help clear the energy in your home.  But sometimes you need assistance and those with specialized skills in doing this type of work.  That's where we come in!

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When should you consider home energy clearing?

  • You are moving into a new home (It's best to clear the space before moving in, but clearing can still be done after)

  • Your home is older (or even historic) and has been occupied by other people before you moved in

  • After cleaning and decluttering your home

  • You purchased antiques and brought them into the home

  • You just want to refresh the energy of your space  (This is great to do as part of regular home cleaning and maintenance) 

  • You are selling your home or your home has been listed for a while and isn't selling

  • A relative, roommate, or companion has moved out

  • You have frequent house guests

  • You've had hired help doing work in your home or on your property

  • After emotionally charged events - examples: heated arguments or fights in the space, a break up or divorce 

  • After an illness

  • After a death, especially if a death occurred in the home or on the property

  • After a burglary or theft

  • When someone who lives in the house suffers from chronic illness, stress, worry, anxiety, and/or depression 

  • You are an empath or have mediumship abilities

  • If you or family members in the home are not sleeping well or are having nightmares

  • If you are struggling with feeling stuck in your life or are struggling with finances

  • If your space does not feel comfortable and peaceful

  • If you suspect the presence of a ghost or other spirit that doesn't belong in your space or things just don't feel right

What we do during a home energy clearing:

The type of clearing work that we do is deep work and goes beyond just smudging the space.  We use our training as Reiki Masters, our training in shamanic techniques, and our abilities as mediums to assess and clear the space.  We work intentionally and methodically going to each room.  We also walk the land, assessing and clearing it as necessary.  Don't worry, we'll be discreet when working outside in view of the neighbors!  ​


Types of Locations:

Houses, apartments, condos, land.  We can clear business locations too!

*You must be the legal owner or renter of the space/land that we will be working with.

Not local to Cypress, TX or the surrounding Houston Metropolitan area?

Not to worry.  In many cases, depending on the situation, this work can be performed remotely in a distance session.​

How to set up a Home Energy Clearing with us:

Step 1:  Schedule a free phone consultation. 

  • A free phone consultation is required before a clearing appointment can be scheduled.

  • The purpose of this consultation is to determine if we are the right fit for your needs.  During the call, we will discuss the details of your situation and the travel distance to your location. 

  • To schedule your consultation, click the "Schedule" button below to go to our Appointments & Registration page.  Follow instructions to book an appointment for a Home Energy Clearing Phone Consultation.

Cost & Session Length:

  • Cost: $195 (for locations up to 3,500 sq. ft)

  • Travel: Please note that a mileage fee may apply depending on your location as it relates to the Soul-Smudge office.  This will be determined during our initial phone consultation with you prior to scheduling an clearing appointment (please see below)

  • Time: The process can take approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the space and how much there is to clear.  Larger locations or challenging, more complex cases will take more time.

  • Location size:  For large buildings/homes (more than 3,500 sq. ft)​, please contact us for pricing. 

Step 2:  We will schedule the appointment for you.

  • At the end of the phone consult, if it is determined that we are the right fit for your needs, we will assist you in selecting a day and time for the clearing that works with everyone's schedule and book the appointment for you.  We frequently work in pairs on in--person appointments and will need to coordinate our calendars.

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