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Soul-Smudge, LLC

Purchase Terms, Refund Policy, Cancellation Policy

Last Modified August 21, 2023


Additional Terms and Conditions for use of the Soul-Smudge Classroom website and the Podia platform can be found at:

By using this website and scheduling appointments for services and/or ordering of products online or purchasing in-person, you agree to the following:


*Note: A valid credit card is required to reserve an appointment.  Your card will not be charged until the end of your session unless you select the "Pay Now" option when scheduling your appointment, or in accordance with the late cancellation/no show policy (see below).

Payment Options:

Terms of payment are within Company’s sole discretion, and unless otherwise agreed to by Company, payment must be received prior to Company’s acceptance of an order. Payments for products may be made by credit card, or some other pre-arranged payment method, unless credit terms have been agreed to by Company. Orders are not binding on Company until accepted by Company. 

Options for Paying for Session Appointments:

  1. Stored Credit Card:  A valid credit card is required at the time to booking; however, the card will not be charged at that time unless a deposit is required or the "Pay Now" option is selected when the appointment is scheduled.  This card number is securely stored in the Square payment system and can be used for payment after the session. 

    • After your session, if you need to use a different card than the one on file in the appointment scheduler, we can accept a different card via Square POS.

  2. Cash:  Cash payment can only be accepted if it is for the exact amount of the session.  Cash is not kept in the office for change-making purposes. ​


Companies We Use for Payment Processing:

  1. Square:  Square is used for purchases of session appointments, session packages, and gift certificates.  Square accepts magstripe and chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo.  PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, and Venmo are not accepted for payment at this time through Square.

  2. Stripe:  Stripe is used for all digital downloads, online courses, and workshop purchases through the Soul-Smudge Classroom website.  Stripe accepts all major debit and credit cards, wallet payment methods, and has "Buy Now, Pay Later" payment options.


Services – In-Person or Distance:

Payment is due in full at time service is rendered.  Note: some appointment types may require a deposit in order to reserve the appointment.  All purchases of services are subject to these Purchase Terms, Company’s Website Terms and Conditions listed on this page, as well as the Company’s Privacy Policy:


Products Purchases – In-Person or Online:

All items must be paid for in full at time of purchase. All orders are subject to these Purchase Terms, Company’s Website Terms and Conditions listed on this page, as well as the Company’s Privacy Policy:


Regarding Workshops & Courses Purchased with Payment Plans Through the Soul-Smudge Classroom:

  • We offer paid Workshops/Course(s) for a fee through the Soul-Smudge Classroom website.

  • You are responsible for paying all fees charged by Us and applicable taxes in a timely manner with a payment mechanism associated with the applicable paid Workshops/Course(s).

  • When you make a purchase, you agree not to use an invalid or unauthorized payment method. We reserve the right to disable access to any workshop/course for which we have not received adequate payment.

Refund/Exchange Policy:

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL for the following services, packages & products:

    • Reiki & Animal Reiki sessions

    • Akashic Record Clearing & Healing

    • Past Life Regressions

    • Home Energy Clearings

    • Gift Certificates

  • No refunds or exchanges will be issued once services are rendered.

  • For Soul-Smudge Classroom Courses & Digital Downloads:  Since online courses and digital downloads are available for immediate streaming/download, all sales are final.  No refunds or exchanges.

  • For Reiki Training Workshops purchased through Soul-Smudge Classroom:  

    • Workshops are refundable up to 14 days prior to the start of class. 

    • After that date, refunds will not be issued. 

      • Please see below for terms regarding rescheduling a workshop.

    • *Note: workshop resources/materials will become available in the online Classroom module after the refund period has expired.  Modules will be activated and access granted approximately 13 days prior to the start of the workshop.


Regarding Reiki Training Workshops:

  • Attendance and Participation:

    • Completion of the training and certification is dependent on attendance and participation. 

    • If any portion of the workshop is missed, regardless of the reason, you will not be able to complete that training and will need to reschedule to another workshop date.  

    • Rescheduling a Workshop:

      • There are no refunds once you are within the 14 day window of a workshop start date.  However, if after the refund period has expired, you find that you cannot attend that workshop, you can reschedule the workshop to a future date and we will apply your payment(s) for the originally scheduled workshop to the rescheduled workshop (*please see below for terms regarding rescheduling).


        1. If you are paying for the workshop using a payment plan, you must continue with your payments as arranged with the payment processor when you purchased the workshop.  We cannot halt or pause that process since your payment agreement was made with that company.

        2. The rescheduled workshop must be the same workshop type as the originally scheduled workshop.

          • Example: if you originally scheduled for Reiki 1 & 2, then you must reschedule for a future Reiki 1 & 2 workshop.

        3. *The rescheduled workshop must be completed within 1 year of the original workshop start date in order for payments to be applied to a different workshop date.  If the rescheduled workshop is not completed within the 1 year time frame, the funds will no longer be available to apply to a different workshop date.  So, after 1 year from the original start date, you would be required to pay the full workshop fee again in order to attend.  


Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates do not expire and cannot be redeemed for cash.  Any unused amount can be applied to another Soul-Smudge appointment type or class until all available funds have been redeemed.  The scheduling software will track how much of your gift amount has been used and will show you the balance each time you enter the code.  


*Soul-Smudge gift certificates cannot be used for Soul-Smudge Classroom purchases (online courses, digital downloads, Reiki Training Workshops).  The reason for this:  in order to allow for payment plan options for courses & training workshops, the Soul-Smudge Classroom website uses Stripe instead of Square for payment processing.  Square is the processor used for the purchase of services/appointments, session packages, and gift certificates.  Since they are separate companies, it's not possible to use a gift certificate generated through Square for purchases made in the Classroom using Stripe.

Session Packages:

Session packages do not expire and are non-refundable.  After purchasing a package, the client will receive a code to enter each time they book an appointment.  Packages are only valid for the session type and number of sessions described in the listing (example: a package of 3 In-Person 60-minute Energy Healing sessions).  If a client needs to cancel a scheduled session that they used a package code to pay for, the amount will be credited back to the package balance.  However, if the client is a no-show, then the money deducted from the package balance for that appointment will not be refunded.

Soul-Realignment Akashic Record Clearing & Healing Deposits:

Akashic Record Clearing & Healing sessions require a deposit.  I complete the channeled portion prior to the scheduled appointment day/time.  This process is lengthy and requires several hours.  Findings are used during the healing session.  

Due to the amount of time and effort put in prior to the appointment, a 50% deposit is required. 


This deposit is fully refundable UP TO 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.  The deposit is non-refundable in the event of a no-show or a late cancellation without rescheduling the appointment (note: a late cancellation is defined as cancelling with less than 24 hours notice). 


I understand that things happen and I'm willing to work with clients in the event of unavoidable circumstances.  If due to an avoidable circumstance, the client needs to cancel with less than 24-hours notice, they will be given the opportunity to reschedule their appointment.  Please contact me as soon as possible by phone or email to make arrangements.  However, if the appointment is not rescheduled and is abandoned with less than 24-hours notice, then the deposit will be non-refundable.

Please see below for additional information regarding cancellations and no-shows. 


Missed Appointment Policies

Please Read Carefully.  These policies apply to in-person sessions/classes and distance sessions/classes.  By booking an appointment or scheduling a class, you agree to the following missed appointments policies:

Cancellation Policy:

Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. We understand that sometimes unexpected events or delays can occur, making schedule adjustments necessary and we are willing to work with you within reason.  However, please keep in mind that this is our livelihood and we ask that you please be considerate when it comes to cancellations and rescheduling.  Available appointment times are limited. In consideration of our time and our other clients, if you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24-hour notice. Reminder emails are sent out 48 hours prior to scheduled appointments.  This email contains a link for cancelling/rescheduling if needed.  


Late Cancellations:

A cancellation is considered "late" when the appointment is cancelled less than 24-hours before the appointed time. Late cancellations will be assessed a late cancellation fee of 50% of the session price.  We require a credit card to hold your appointment at the time of booking. Cancellation fees will be charged to your card on file.

Note:  if your appointment is within 24-hours, the Acuity Scheduler will not allow you to cancel.  Please call us prior to your scheduled appointment time at 936-443-6905 or send an email to the practitioner you are scheduled with to notify us of the need to cancel or reschedule: or to 

*Soul-Smudge, LLC reserves the right to refuse future appointment reservations to anyone that consistently cancels appointments with less than 24 hours notice (consistently is defined as 3 or more times).


No-Show Policy: 

No-Shows (defined as missing a scheduled appointment without cancelling or prior communication with us about the need to cancel or reschedule) will be charged 50% of the session price.  We require a credit card to hold your appointment at the time of booking. Cancellation fees will be charged to your card on file.  See section above regarding Packages and no-shows.

*Soul-Smudge, LLC reserves the right to refuse future appointment reservations to anyone that no-shows consistently for their appointments (consistently is defined as 2 or more times).


How to Cancel Your Appointment
If you need to cancel your appointment, there are several ways to do so (please note: the scheduler will not allow you to alter your appointment if you are trying to do so less than 24 hours prior to your appointment):

  1. Clicking on the "Change/Cancel Appointment" button in your confirmation or reminder emails.  This will take you to the scheduler where you can cancel and/or reschedule.  

  2. You can also access the scheduler via the Acuity Scheduling Client app, if you have it downloaded on your smartphone.

  3. Call us at 936-443-6905 during regular business hours. If necessary, you may leave a detailed voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible. 


Late Arrival Policy:

Please let us know if you are running late for your appointment by calling us at 936-443-6905 during regular business hours. If necessary, you may leave a detailed voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible. You can also email us at or depending on which one of us you scheduled with.   

Up to 15 minutes late:

  • If you are up to 15 minutes late, we will accommodate you; however, please understand that your appointment time will still end at the regular scheduled end-of-session time.  We will not be able to extend your session into the next client’s appointment time.  So, for example, if you are 15 minutes late for your 60-minute session, you will receive a 45-minute session.  The amount due for the session will not be reduced.

More than 15 minutes late:

  • If you find that you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, we will NOT be able to accommodate you.  We will not have sufficient time to complete the session and we are not able to extend your session into the next client’s appointment time.  Please contact us to reschedule.   In this case, the late cancellation fee will apply.


Note regarding cancellation policy fees:  In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, all or part of your cancellation fee may be applied to future services.


Illness on your scheduled appointment day: 

If you are ill and have symptoms (i.e. fever, runny nose, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), please contact us to reschedule your appointment. 

Note:  Soul-Smudge, LLC reserves the right to cancel/reschedule a session if the client or practitioner becomes ill or symptomatic. 

  • Client illness: if you are ill, the session can be converted to a distance session, if you wish. 

  • Practitioner illness:  Illness impairs the practitioner’s ability to perform sessions, even by distance.  Our wish is to always provide an exceptional client experience during sessions, so if the practitioner is ill, for the good of all involved, the session may be rescheduled.​





Orders will only be shipped within the U.S.  All orders generally ship within five (5) business days, unless otherwise noted in the product listing. Custom items will be shipped within two-three (2-3) weeks after purchase date—pending availability and access to necessary supplies. All items are shipped via USPS. Company is not responsible for any lost or damaged orders. All domestic shipments are made via USPS and may be tracked with a location once shipped. Your tracking number will be sent to you directly once your item is shipped.


General Terms:

We may revise and discontinue products or services at any time. We reserve the right to limit product order quantity at any time without notice. Prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.

By purchasing products or placing an order with Company, you agree that you are buying Company’s products for your own use, only, and not for resale.

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