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Are you ready to begin?   

This page contains announcements, information regarding session types & pricing,

instructions for scheduling an appointment, and terms of service. 

Please read all information before scheduling your 1st appointment or registering for a class.  Thanks!

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It's Summer Time!!

Soul-Smudge Announcements


Date:  Reiki 1 & 2 - July 6 & 7th


**Payment plans are available for Reiki Workshops!


**Registration for the July class is now open!  

Seating is limited.  Sign up now to reserve your seat.

Registration closes June 28th



Practitioners:  Sheryl, Eric, and Maria

  • When you're ready to schedule, click on the "Schedule Appointment" button below.  This will direct you to the Squarespace Scheduling website and will allow you to access our Appointment Scheduler.

  • Scroll through the appointment type options and choose the session or class type you wish to schedule and click "Book." 

  • Select the practitioner. 

    • Choose "Any Available" to see all available days and appointments for ALL practitioners. (This will display all practitioner calendars at the same time). 

    • Or you can select a specific practitioner - this will display the available dates/times for that practitioner only. 

    • *Note: not all appointment types require selection of a practitioner.

  • Review the calendar and select a date, then select the time and click "Continue."

  • You will then be prompted to enter your contact information and complete the intake/registration forms.  

  • A valid credit card is required to hold your reservation*Your card will not be charged until the end of your session.  (Exceptions: trainings/classes, deposits that are required for certain appointment types, or in accordance with our no-show policy).

  • Akashic Record Clearing & Healing sessions require a deposit.  See information below for details.

  • After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation email that will list the name of the practitioner you are scheduled with and the date/time. Please check your inbox or spam folder for this email.


Massage therapy appointments are scheduled by calling Dustin Brooks at 409-553-1199. 

Please contact Dustin for information, available appointments, and pricing.

*Online scheduling is not available for massage appointments. 



Step 1: Review details regarding the workshops offered & pricing by clicking on "Classes" and reviewing the page for each Reiki Training Workshop type in the menu at the top of this webpage.

Step 2:  Visit the Soul-Smudge Classroom website, to view/register for upcoming workshop dates or to sign up on the waitlist.  

Step 3:  Select a workshop date & submit payment on the Soul-Smudge Classroom website.  Payment plans are available.  Payment in full or an established payment plan is required prior to the beginning of class.

Step 4:  Please check your inbox and spam folder for emails with additional instructions.


For additional info and instructions for after registering, please click here.


1.  Workshops are refundable up to 14 days prior to the start of the workshop.  After that date, no refunds will be issued. 

2.  Workshop resource materials will become available in the Soul-Smudge Classroom approximately 14 days prior to the start of workshop.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to access the workshop training module.  Please check your inbox and spam folders.


In-Person & Distance Sessions Available


*Sessions conducted remotely via Zoom or Phone

  • Energy Healing Sessions, Akashic Record Clearing & Healing, and Animal Reiki Sessions are available by distance.

  • If you prefer to have your session done by distance (instead of in-person at the Soul-Smudge office), please select a Distance Session option after clicking on the "Schedule Appointment" button.  

  • Distance sessions are typically done via Zoom Video Conference or phone.  You will receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link for your session after scheduling your appointment.   

  • In the event of technical difficulties with Zoom, your appointment will be completed over the phone.  Please provide a good contact number on the Appointment Intake Form when booking your appointment.



*Combination of Reiki, Shamanic Energy Medicine, & Other Techniques

Energy Healing Sessions are offered in 60-minute and 90-minute appointment options.  Reiki & shamanic energy work are the foundation for these sessions but other techniques such as sound healing, mediumship, channeling, Light Language, etc. may also be included based on intuitive guidance and client need.  Select from Distance or In-Person session types.

Session cost:

  • 60-minute session: $90

  • 90-minute session: $130


ICRT Animal Reiki sessions are available in-person (at your location) and by distance via Zoom, phone, or remotely.  (see below for details).  


Due to the variability inherent in working with animals, pricing is based per session instead of per hour.  For planning purposes, we allow approximately 60-minutes for in person sessions and approximately 30-minutes for distance sessions.  Sessions could be a little longer or a little shorter depending on the animal.  

Session Cost:

In-Person Animal Reiki session (approx. 60-minutes):  $90  (at your location - we come to you!)

  • *Note: a mileage fee may apply depending on the client's location as it relates to the Soul-Smudge office.  This will be determined during our phone consultation with the client prior to booking an in person session.

Steps for booking an In-Person Animal Reiki session:

  1. Book a free 15-30 minute phone consultation (a phone consult is required prior to booking an in person session).

  2. During the phone consult, we'll discuss the reason for the session and details about your animal

  3. We'll also discuss your location and the travel distance to determine if a travel fee will need to be applied to the session price.

  4. At the end of the consultation, we will work with you to determine a date for the session and book the appointment for you.

Distance Animal Reiki session:  $45 (approx. 30 minutes)

  • Distance sessions are done via Zoom Video Conference, phone, or remotely.  You will receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link for your session after booking your appointment.   In the event of technical difficulties with Zoom, your appointment will be completed over the phone.  Please provide a good contact number on the Appointment Intake Form when booking your appointment.

  • **If you prefer your session done over the phone, please notify us of your preference by replying to the confirmation email after booking your appointment.  We will call you at the designated date/time.



Since accessing the Akashic Records is a lengthy process that can take several hours and requires a lot of concentration, I will access them prior to your scheduled appointment to gain the needed insights to use during your clearing and healing session.  Distance sessions are available.  Please see above section titled "About Distance Sessions" for details.

Session cost is $250 ($125 deposit required.)

Note regarding deposit:​


Past Life Regression appointments are conducted using the QHHT method of hypnosis.  Clients will receive an audio recording of their QHHT session to use for review and integration.  Please refer to the Past Life Regression page for more instructions/information.  Past Life Regression appointments are approximately 3-hours (time may vary).   Due to the nature of this work, regressions are only available in-person.

Session cost is $270.



Create a calm, peaceful, and harmonious living space through home energy clearings.

Cost & Session Length:

  • Starting rate: $195 (for locations up to 3500 sq. ft)

  • Travel: Please note that a mileage fee may apply depending on your location as it relates to the Soul-Smudge office.  This will be determined during our initial phone consultation with you prior to scheduling an clearing appointment (please see below)

  • Time: The process can take approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the space and how much there is to clear.  Larger locations or challenging, more complex cases will take more time.

  • Location size:  For very large homes/buildings (more than 3500 sq. ft)​, please contact us for pricing 

How to set up a Home Energy Clearing with us:

Step 1:  Schedule a free phone consultation. 

  • *A free phone consultation is required before a clearing appointment can be scheduled.

  • The purpose of this consultation is to determine if we are the right fit for your needs.  During the call, we will discuss the details of your situation and the travel distance to your location. 

  • To schedule a phone consultation, click the "Schedule Appointment" button on this page to access our appointment scheduler.   Scroll down to Home Clearings and click on Book.  You will be prompted to select a practitioner and then a date/time for the phone call.

  • Please provide a valid phone number and email address when booking.  We will call you at the designated appointment date/time.

Step 2:  We will schedule the appointment for you.

  • At the end of the phone consult, if it is determined that we are the right fit for your needs, we will assist you in selecting a day and time for the clearing that works with everyone's schedule and book the appointment for you.  We frequently work in pairs on in--person appointments and will need to coordinate our calendars.


**Please review Purchase Terms, Refund Policy, Cancellation Policy for information regarding methods of payment, refunds, deposits, late cancellations, and no-shows.  By using this website and scheduling appointments for services and/or ordering of products online or purchasing in-person, you agree to the terms outlined in these policies, so please review them carefully.

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