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About Maria, Reiki Practitioner

Meet Maria Vasquez, Reiki Master

Maria Vasquez is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki lineage.  Her mastership is recognized by The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).  She is also a Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner.

A Word from Maria:

I started this journey at 33 years old when I had my awakening. I of course dove in to all the books and lectures and anything else spiritual I could get my hands on. I stumbled in to something called Reiki soon after. I quickly looked for a practitioner in my area and found Sheryl. I booked an appointment not knowing what to expect. I looked for other practitioners but I just kept coming back to Sheryl. Something about her pulled me in. I have been a stay at home mother for 11 years now but I left that first appointment understanding why my intuition took me there. I had never been more sure of anything in my life. I wanted to be an energy healer.

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I believe that my gift of communication, intuition, and soft, soothing reiki can become a helpful tool for your healing. I love working with people that are ready to heal and do their work! 


Everyone deserves a safe space to heal.  I love to approach the healing process with a sense of compassion and understanding.


I believe that a good start and great way to heal is to first speak about what it is that we need to heal. I love to listen and hold the space for others as they begin to “let out” all that needs to heal.

I am told my reiki is extremely soothing and calming. My job is to hold the space for your healing. 


My goals as a healer are to continue to grow spiritually and as a human being. I would like to help others with my reiki just as much as reiki has helped me in my life. 

Sheryl has been a mentor and sweet friend to me for years. Now she has given me this beautiful opportunity to help others. It is now my honor to help you on your journey of growing and healing.

A Word from Sheryl:
Through my work at Soul-Smudge, I have been blessed to meet my soul tribe.  Maria is truly my soul sister and one of my dearest friends.  She has such a soft, gentle, and caring nature and these qualities are infused in her energy healing work.  Maria has an amazing ability to create and hold a safe and healing space for others.  She is very intuitive and uses her gifts to bring further insight into her healing sessions.  I'm very excited to have her on the Soul-Smudge team. 

~ Sheryl  💜💜💜

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