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About Eric, Reiki Practitioner

Meet Eric Coleman, Reiki Master & Animal Reiki Master

Eric Coleman is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki lineage.  His mastership is recognized by The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).  He is also an ICRT Animal Reiki Master.  

Eric initially heard of Reiki through his interest in the paranormal.  He was curious and wanted to learn more about Reiki, so he scheduled a session with Sheryl.  After experiencing the physical and mental effects after the session, he was hooked.  He jokingly blames Sheryl for all the paranormal and metaphysical “rabbit holes” that followed (at least we think he’s joking Lol 😊).  He set out to discover, open, and expand his intuitive abilities.  Eric is gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, telepathy, and the ability to channel.  He is also an animal communicator and is working on expanding that gift.

He is curious about all things paranormal and metaphysical and loves to learn and experiment with his abilities to understand how they function and how he can apply them to his healing work.  As an intuitive, he meditates regularly and is especially in-tune with energies.  

Eric brings his ever-expanding intuitive abilities, experience, knowledge, and unique perspective to his healing work.  He uses his intuitive gifts to work with energy, to open energy channels, and to release stuck energy and emotions.  He enjoys using aspects of Shamanic Reiki in his sessions.  One of his greatest gifts is in guiding clients to stay grounded and focused. He has a deep understanding when it comes to identifying and releasing energetic blockages in the body, chakras, and aura, allowing for balance and healing in all aspects of his client’s life. This does not only apply to people, but he has also provided the same healing to animals, such as dogs and horses. 

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Eric meditating with his horse, Santose

Eric loves horses and is trained in Equine Massage Therapy.  He applies this knowledge of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to his healing work.  He’s had success using Animal Reiki to reduce anxiety in horses.  


“I desire to assist clients along their own path to healing. I truly love what I do, and I am healing alongside you while we journey.” ~ Eric 

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A Word from Sheryl:
Eric is a dear friend, gifted healer, and fellow explorer of metaphysical “rabbit holes.”  He’s my go-to Reiki Master when I need grounding, balance, and healing for myself.  As a Reiki practitioner, I’m able to give myself Reiki, but there are times when you need someone else to hold sacred space for you and to stand in that space and work with the energy of the Universe on your behalf.  For me, Eric is that person.

Eric and I met several years ago when he came to me for a Reiki session.  He was curious about Reiki and wanted to experience it for himself.  After the session, as he was leaving, he looked back at me and said, “This isn’t over, yet.  I’ll be back.”  True to his word, he came back for one of my Reiki classes the next month.  I noticed during the class practice time that the Reiki energy flowing through him and from his hands was particularly strong.  I knew his journey as a healer was going to be special.  What I didn’t know was how he and his gifts would be instrumental in my own healing and in the further expansion of my path as a healer. 

Fast forward to September 2022.  I came down with COVID-19 which was followed by Long COVID.  Eric offered to give me Reiki sessions to help me recover.  So, we started having weekly sessions.  The interesting thing about Reiki is that it will work on more things than what you initially intended to work on.  We intended to work on healing my lungs and my lungs did begin to heal.  But so did the pain I had in my shoulder for two years, as well as chronic back and hip pain.  I was able to release emotional blockages that I had been working to release.  Over the months that we continued our weekly Reiki sessions, my overall vibrational frequency shifted, my intuitive abilities started expanding, and new abilities began to surface.  

In our work together, we have been taught many lessons by our guides and followed their guidance for working with energy and healing the emotions and the physical body.  Our work together has become a grand experiment as we seek to understand energy, our intuitive abilities, and how to work with Spirit on an even deeper level than we have previously experienced.  We still continue our weekly Reiki sessions as our schedules allow.  We have been shown the tremendous value of consistent practice, self-care, and energy work.  It’s been an amazing journey of healing, exploration, and expansion.  Eric and I can’t wait for you to join us on this fantastic journey. ~ Sheryl  💜💜💜

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