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Reiki &
Energy Healing Sessions

Soul-Smudge Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions:

Our style of energy healing is somewhat eclectic and based on our studies and explorations of a variety of energy healing modalities over the years.  We have taken what resonated with us from each modality and wove them together into a blended practice that is unique to us and our energy. 


Reiki is always the foundation and bedrock of our energy healing sessions.  We set the intention at the beginning of each session that the client receive exactly what they need at that moment and that the entire session be for the highest good of all.  Intentions are very important and set the tone for the session.  That's why we ask clients to state their intention for the session when booking an appointment.  Setting an intention gives permission and activates Spirit to begin working on your behalf.  


During the session, as Reiki is flowing, we add in other energy healing techniques as Spirit and our intuition lead.  These run simultaneously with the Reiki energy.  Reiki flows during the entire session regardless of what other techniques we may be guided to use.  


Each session is different depending on the need of the client at the time of the visit.  No two sessions are exactly alike because even if the same techniques are used, the energy of the sessions, as well as the needs and readiness of the client, will vary.  Spirit is very gentle and will never push a client further than they are ready or able to go. 


Soul-Smudge energy healing sessions are available in 60-minute or 90-minute appointment lengths.


All sessions include:

  • Reiki

  • Aura cleansing (method of cleansing may vary; may include smudging herbs, pure essential oil aura clearing mist, sound tools, or crystals)

  • Chakra assessment & discussion of the findings

  • Energy body scan 

  • Chakra balancing

Additional techniques may also be included in the session based on our intuitive guidance:  

  • Shamanic energy medicine techniques

  • Guided meditations to release unwanted energies and run beneficial energies

  • Sound healing to clear the energy body

  • Immersion Healing that energetically immerses you in divine loving and healing energies

  • Light language

  • Channeling

  • Aura clearing

  • Crystal Reiki

  • Angelic Reiki

  • Mediumship

Session Pricing:

  • 60-minute sessions are $90

  • 90-minute sessions are $130

For more information about my sessions and what to expect, click here: What to Expect During a Session

*Please note that while energy healing techniques can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving, they do not take the place of medical or psychological care. It is highly recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.  Soul-Smudge practitioners do not diagnose medical or mental health conditions, nor do they prescribe or perform medical or mental health treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical or mental healthcare professional.

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