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Soul-Smudge Classroom

Introducing Soul-Smudge Classroom - On-Demand Courses Coming Soon! 

As you all know, I love smudging, pendulums, crystals, and all the things. And I also love teaching about them!


In order to make courses accessible for everyone regardless of location and/or hectic schedules, I'm creating a new website just for these pre-recorded, on-demand course offerings. I'm calling this space, "Soul-Smudge Classroom."

Classes will be pre-recorded and available for streaming on-demand! Each class will be divided into modules that contain multiple lessons, resource materials, meditations, etc. I'm also developing a way for you to ask questions that come up as you proceed through the course.

I plan to launch the first 3 classes (Smudging 101, Pendulums for Beginners, & Energy Management for Empaths) in early 2023 and will be further expanding the library of offerings during the course of the year.

Please note:  Soul-Smudge Classroom is a new and separate website for my on-demand, pre-recorded courses.  Since my Reiki Training Workshops are conducted LIVE, they are not part of the Soul-Smudge Classroom website.  Reiki Training Workshops are available here on the website.  Please use the drop down menu above and go to "Classes" to see available Reiki Training Workshops.  

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Foundations Classes via Soul-Smudge Classroom

Looking to expand your spiritual practice?  Wondering how to incorporate tools such as pendulums and crystals?  What does it mean to "manage your energy" and how do you do that?

When I first began walking my spiritual path back in 2015, I had NO IDEA what to do or how to do it.  I read a lot of books and began the process of finding which practices and teachings resonated with me and which ones didn't.  Spirit led me to various resources - books, teachers, online courses - and over time, I began finding the teachings, tools, and techniques that I wanted to include in my daily spiritual practice.  My practice is a blending of the things I've learned through my studies and discovery process.  It's constantly evolving as I continue to practice and learn.

I've been guided to offer classes on some of the foundational practices that I use in my daily life.  As I was considering what classes I would like to offer, I thought about what I wish I had known when I was first starting out.  The result is my Foundations Classes.  The information contained in these classes is the foundation of my practice and, in my opinion, is essential for anyone who wants to work with energy and the spiritual realms.  

My intention is to empower you and offer you the knowledge to move along your spiritual path with confidence.



The Foundations Classes will be offered in a pre-recorded on-demand video format on the Soul-Smudge Classroom website.   You'll be able to access and view the class videos and materials immediately after purchase.  I'm so excited to bring this offering to Soul-Smudge!


These on-demand classes will enable you to:

  • Learn when you're ready instead of waiting for a live, in-person classes to be offered

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home

  • Review the lessons as many times as you need or want to

These foundational topics are great for Reiki students, as they cover topics that we don't have time to delve into in the Reiki courses.  To me, learning the basics of energy management, creating safe and sacred space, using crystals as healing allies, and interpreting energy using a pendulum are just as important as learning Reiki healing techniques.  Learning these things was a game-changer for my daily practice.  I hope it will be for you as well!

Foundations classes are currently in development and production.  I plan to have them ready and available for purchase in early 2023.  

Class Descriptions

Smudging 101 & Other Energy Clearing Techniques 

When I think about what I wish I had known when I was first starting on my spiritual path, understanding how to manage and clear energy is definitely at the top of my list!  Energy management is a MUST, especially for empaths and energy workers.  These techniques can be used to clear not only your personal energy, but the energy of places and spaces as well.

In this introductory class, I will teach you the techniques that I use and have found beneficial for my practice.


We'll discuss:

  • the who, where, when, how, and why of energy clearing

  • the types of sacred plants used for smudging and setting sacred space

  • the importance of ethical and sustainable sourcing of sacred plants

  • other energy clearing techniques & tools - incense, resins, essential oil mists, sound tools, etc.

  • and more!!

How to Use a Pendulum - for Beginners 

I LOVE using pendulums.  I bought my 1st pendulum at a magick shop at RenFest in October 2017 and have been using and collecting them ever since.  I use them extensively in my practice.

​In this introductory class, you'll be introduced to the practice of pendulum dowsing. 


We'll discuss:

  • how to select a pendulum (or how they select you!)

  • types of pendulums and pendulum mats

  • how to clear and care for your pendulum

  • how to program your pendulum

  • pendulum dowsing technique and accuracy

  • and more!!

Crystals for Beginners: The Basics 

I've been drawn to crystals all my life.  Crystals are amazing and powerful tools.  

​In this introductory class, you'll be introduced to the wonderful and beautiful world of crystals. 


We'll discuss:

  • how crystals work 

  • how to select crystals 

  • how to clear your crystals

  • how to incorporate crystals into your daily life and spiritual practice

  • tumbled stones vs. natural stones vs. carved stones

  • my go-to crystals and their properties

  • and more!!

Energy Management for Empaths 

I'm an empath.  I experience the emotions and physical symptoms of those around me.  I spent my entire life thinking something was "wrong" with me and begin told that I'm "too sensitive."  It's taken a long time for me to understand that I'm picking up on the energies of others.  And now, I've learned to take that and use it as my superpower!  It takes practice, some know-how, trial & error, and a lot of determination, but you can learn to manage empathy and not be a victimized by it.  

I'll teach you what I've learned so far and the techniques I use to manage it.

We'll discuss:

  • are you an empath?

  • what does it mean to be an empath?

  • types of empathy

  • empathy as a spiritual gift 

  • how does empathy relate to other psychic abilities?

  • methods & techniques for running and releasing energy

  • energetic boundaries

  • and more!!

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