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Soul-Smudge Classroom

Soul-Smudge Classroom - Online Courses & Reiki Training Workshops

What is the Soul-Smudge Classroom?

The Soul-Smudge Classroom is my new website that serves as the official hub for all of my online courses and digital content, as well as registration for my In-Person & Online Reiki training workshops.


I created the Soul-Smudge Classroom in order to make courses accessible for everyone regardless of location and/or hectic schedules.  It's an online resource for your spiritual practice.  I'm taking the best and most useful techniques that I use in my daily practice and offering them in The Classroom.  As I learn and grow in my practice, so will my course offerings.


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Click the image above to visit the Soul-Smudge Classroom website

Reiki Training Registration:

Visit the Soul-Smudge Classroom to register for our In-Person Reiki Training workshops.  There is a payment plan option that allows you to spread the payment out in monthly installments!  Currently scheduled trainings are open for registration.  There is a waitlist option for trainings that are not yet scheduled.  Sign up on the waitlist to be notified when the next training opens for registration.


Online Courses:

I love Reiki, smudging, pendulums, crystals, and all the things. And I also love teaching about them! Online courses & meditations are launching very soon!  Visit the Classroom to sign up on the waitlist to be notified when each course or other digital offering launches.  The courses are pre-recorded and available for streaming on-demand!  Each course is divided into modules that contain multiple lessons, video lectures, resource materials, meditations, etc.  

These on-demand classes will enable you to:

  • Learn about foundational metaphysical topics, gain new tools, and expand your spiritual practice

  • Learn when you're ready instead of waiting for a live, in-person classes to be offered

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home

  • Review the lessons as many times as you need or want to


These courses contain foundational topics great for those new to their spiritual path or for those looking to expand their spiritual practice.  They're also great for Reiki students because the courses cover topics that we don't have time to delve into in the Reiki courses.  In my opinion, learning the basics of energy management, creating safe and sacred space, using crystals as healing allies, and interpreting energy using a pendulum are just as important as learning Reiki healing techniques.  Learning these things was a game-changer for my daily practice.  I hope it will be for you as well! 

Free Guided Meditation - Running Earth & Cosmic Energies

Please enjoy this free guided meditation as my gift to you.  Use it in your daily practice to release unwanted energies, balance your chakras, ground, and connect to Higher Consciousness.  Click the link to access it and feel free to explore The Classroom while you're there!  💜

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