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Animal Reiki

ICRT Animal Reiki

Sheryl and Eric are certified ICRT Animal Reiki Masters.  The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) introduced this lineage of Animal Reiki.  ICRT Animal Reiki is a unique Reiki energy given to the world as a special life force energy for the animals.  It resonates deeply with animals and works softly, powerfully, and efficiently with their energy.  Animal Reiki energy empowers both animal and human vitality and life force and restores the blessings between the animals and the people. It heals the negative belief that humans have dominion over all living things and reveals that humans can live in communion with the animals, the earth, and all of nature.  It helps heal the belief that we are separate from the natural world, the Earth, and the animals.  

Why Do Animals Need Reiki?

Animals are energetically sensitive and most love Reiki energy.  Reiki is a complementary therapy that reduces stress and promotes relaxation, peace, calm, balance, and healing to the body, emotions, and energy field.  Reiki works for animals just like it does for humans!  Here are some common healing issues we see with both human and animal clients: disharmony, unfulfilled purpose, loneliness, grief, confusion, illness, empathy, compassion fatigue, end of life, spirit attachments, PTSD, animal and children interaction, behavioral or personality problems, and chakra and aura imbalances.


Humans are in a sacred partnership with animals.  Each animal has their own divine purpose, just as humans do.  And as with humans, Reiki empowers the animals to achieve their purpose from a place of health and vitality. 

Animals are empaths and they use this ability to energetically help their human and animal companions.  They can feel the pain and emotions of their people and often become self-appointed caregivers for their them and take on their stress, illness, and worries.  They see this as part of their job and do it out of love and desire to help.  Reiki can assist them with this role and help them by increasing their life force energy.


Reiki is gentle and painless, can never cause harm, and is guided by spiritual consciousness.  Reiki and the animal know what it needs and Reiki will adjust its energy to create an appropriate and beneficial effect.  Reiki is a stress reduction technique that promotes relaxation.  Relaxation is often beneficial in promoting relief of symptoms.  However, please be aware that long--term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the animal.  

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Sheryl giving Cash Reiki during his Reiki session 💜💜💜

Here are some of Reiki's physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits for animals:

The physical benefits include:

  • reducing stress & anxiety

  • improving recovery from injury or surgery

  • reducing inflammation

  • decreasing symptoms or side effects from illness or ailments like cancer, skin problems, or broken bones

  • assisting with physical comfort in aging, injured, or ill animals

The emotional benefits include:

  • assisting with behavioral problems such as separation anxiety

  • helping with issues resulting from abuse or mistreatment

  • helping with animal compassion fatigue

  • supporting veterinary care and experiences

The spiritual benefits include:

  • increasing life force vitality

  • ever--increasing peace

  • a renewed sense of purpose

  • assisting during compassionate euthanasia

  • helping with end-of-life support

  • supporting other spiritual needs, including chakra balancing, aura clearing, energetic extractions

Animal Attunement to Reiki:

Some animals may benefit from being attuned to Animal Reiki.  This requires the consent of both the caregiver and the animal.  Attunement connects the animal to the Animal Reiki energy so they can access it themselves for their own wellbeing and support.  They will instinctively know how and when to use it.  Once attuned, the animal is always in control as to how they give Reiki.  They can give Reiki to humans and other animals if they choose, but they cannot be forced to do so.  They may prefer to use the energy for their own healing and empowerment.  If that is the case, their preference and free will must be honored.

*Please remember:  Animal Reiki is not to be used in place of medical, behavioral, or naturopathic care. It does not take the place of animal training.  Reiki is a complementary technique that can be helpful and provide additional support to the animal's wellbeing when used in conjunction with other appropriate forms of care and training.  Always seek out professional medical treatment and advice from a licensed healthcare provider or a behavioral or training specialist.

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Musya saying "yes" to her Reiki session 💜💜💜

Animals and Humans Benefit from Animal Reiki

Types of Animals:  All animals can receive and benefit from Reiki - dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, alpacas, small mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc. 

Service Animals:  Animal Reiki is helpful for service animals, therapy animals, and emotional support animals.  They have a very special and important job and receiving Reiki imbues them with life force energy, empowers them, and assists them in coping with the empathy that they feel for their human companions.


Environments:  Distance Animal Reiki can be sent to an individual animal or to a group of animals.  It can be sent to wild animals, animals in sanctuaries, rescues, shelters, zoos, kennels, doggy daycare, groomers, veterinary hospitals, and even to animals that have passed away and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

Caregivers & Staff:  Animal Reiki doesn't just help animals.  It helps humans too!  Animal caregivers, as well as staff at facilities that work with and/or care for animals benefit tremendously from Reiki.  It relieves stress and anxiety, heals compassion fatigue, trauma, and many other things.  It brings a deep connection of love, compassion, and forgiveness between humans and animals.  Receiving Reiki sessions and/or learning how to give animals Reiki by taking one of my Animal Reiki classes is very helpful for caregivers and staff, not only in caring for and helping the animals in their care, but for themselves as well.

Things to Consider:

Appropriate Time of Day:

Please select a time of day that works best for the animal.  Ideally, it's best to select a time of day when the animal is usually calm and resting.  Appointments should not be scheduled immediately before or during the animal's feeding time or at a time when members of the household will be arriving home from work, school, etc.  This will distract and excite the animal and cause them to disengage from the session.

*For farm or herd animals:  A time of day when the animals are calm, resting, or grazing is ideal.  Avoid scheduling the appointment within 2-3 hours of their official feeding time.


Consent:  Consent from not only the animal caregiver, but the animal itself, is essential and required.  The animal is an equal participant in the session and has the right to say "no" to receiving Reiki.  At the beginning of the session, we will observe the animal for signs of consent.  Most animals give a "yes" response.  Receiving a “no” response is uncommon and is generally associated with distractions like feeding time or someone coming home from work or school.  Just because the animal says "no" at that time, does not mean that it will never say "yes."  Typically, a "no" response is more of a "not right now" and the animal will accept Reiki at a later time.  Although rare, there are some animals that will never say "yes" and we have to respect their wishes if that's the case.

Reiki in Motion:

In general, it's not helpful for animals to be restricted or restrained during a session as this causes them stress and anxiety, as well as interferes with their choice to participate or not. It's not necessary for the animal to sit in one place during the session.  It's perfectly fine for them to move around.  The animal should be free to move about in their environment, provided that it is safe for them and any humans that are present.  Allowing them freedom of movement allows us to observe their behavior and determine if they are consenting to Reiki, if they are responding to the Reiki, and when they are done receiving.  However, Safety Always Comes First.  In some cases, like with birds or small animals, it may be safer and therefore more appropriate for them to be in their cage.  The caregiver will need to determine that for their animal. 

Biting or Aggressive Animals:  In the case of an aggressive or biting animal, these sessions are almost always done by distance for safety reasons.  Please do not expect Reiki to make an aggressive or biting animal safe to be around.  The animal will always benefit from receiving Reiki, but Reiki will not correct aggressive/biting behavior.  This requires assistance from a licensed veterinarian or a behavioral or training specialist. ​(note: there is a difference between "aggressive" and "reactive" behavior).


Animal Attunement:

Sometimes we are guided to attune the animal to Animal Reiki energy, this means the animal would be able to give itself Reiki.  This is only done if the animal and caregiver consent to the animal's attunement.

*note: this does not attune the caregiver to give Reiki.  It attunes the animal so they can give themselves Reiki to assist in their own healing process.  For caregivers that want to learn how to give Animal Reiki, attunement is available through our Animal Reiki Training classes.

If an animal attunement is needed, this would be included in the price of the session and would not an additional charge.​  

Session Length:

The length of time spent in an Animal Reiki session is less predictable than with human sessions.  Because of this, pricing is per session and not per hour.  For planning purposes, we allow approximately 30 minutes for distance sessions and 60 minutes for in person sessions, but the time can vary.  Sometimes it's more, sometimes less depending on the animal and what needs to be done during the session.  


In Person Animal Reiki Session (approx. 60 minutes):  $90

At your location - we come to you! 

*Note: a mileage fee may apply depending on the client's location as it relates to the Soul-Smudge office.  This will be determined during our phone consultation with the client prior to booking an in person session.

Steps for booking an In-Person Animal Reiki session:

  1. Book a free 15-30 minute phone consultation (a phone consult is required prior to booking an in person session).

  2. During the phone consult, we'll discuss the reason for the session and details about your animal. 

  3. We'll also discuss your location and the travel distance to determine if a travel fee will need to be applied to the session price.

  4. At the end of the consultation, we will work with you to determine a date for the session and schedule the appointment for you.

Distance Animal Reiki Session (approx. 30 minutes):  $45 

Distance Animal Reiki Session Methods:

You'll be asked to select one of the session methods below on the Client Intake Form at time of booking.

  • Real-Time Video Conferencing Distance Reiki Session (using Zoom on mobile phone or webcam)

    • Using video conferencing allows us to view the animal in real-time.  It also allows us to converse with the caregiver about the animal and receive feedback regarding its behavior as we conduct the session.

    • This is best done via mobile phone or tablet.  This will allow the caregiver the ability to follow the animal's movements around the room, stall, or pasture with the camera so we can see them.  It's not necessary to follow the animal if it leaves the room or area. If it leaves, we will wait a few minutes to see if it returns.  If it doesn't return, that means it has received all the Reiki it wishes to at that time. 

  • Remote Distance Reiki Session (a photo of the animal is needed)

    • If the caregiver prefers for us to conduct the session independent of a video conference or phone call, we can conduct the session on our own at the specified appointment time. 

    • We will need a photo of the animal sent to us via text or email.  The photo helps us connect with the animal's energy. 

    • After the session, we will follow up with the caregiver by phone or video conference.  The time for the follow up conversation with be set via email after the appointment is scheduled.

"Animals have a natural understanding of Reiki and enjoy receiving it." ~William Rand

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*Note regarding Animal Reiki:  Animal Reiki is not to be used in place of veterinary/medical, behavioral, or naturopathic care. It does not take the place of animal training.  Reiki is a complementary technique that can be helpful and provide additional support to the animal's wellbeing when used in conjunction with other appropriate forms of care and training.  Always seek out professional medical treatment and advice from a licensed healthcare provider or a behavioral or training specialist.

*Note regarding ANY services provided by Soul-Smudge:  While energy healing techniques can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving, they do not take the place of medical or psychological care. It is highly recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.  Soul-Smudge practitioners do not diagnose medical or mental health conditions, nor do they prescribe or perform medical or mental health treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical or mental healthcare professional.

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