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What Students are Saying

My experience of taking level the one and level two Reiki certification at Soul-Smudge can be summed up in a one liner: “This was a weekend that energized something inside of me that I never knew I had.”

I encourage anyone and everyone to contact Sheryl and let her guide the empowering energy of love, teach you to breathe it in, letting it fill your heart, your mind, your body and spirit.    

Eric C. 

I had the best time in the Reiki workshop! Sheryl is a warm and compassionate person. She is very knowledgeable and open to any questions you may have. Sheryl shared experiences from her personal Reiki journey which were mesmerizing to me. We received a great introduction on how to work with pendulum and crystals during a Reiki session. I also really enjoyed meeting people who attended this workshop, as we got to practice Reiki on each other as well as create new friendships.   I definitely recommend taking a Reiki workshop with Sheryl!  

Natalia B.

I made the decision to take the Reiki class levels 1 & 2 offered by Sheryl at Soul-Smudge because I want to eventually become a Reiki Master and help heal animals. 

The class itself was small, only 4 people.  Sheryl provided prep information and instructions on what to bring prior to the class starting, as well as material needed during class when we arrived. 

The lessons were easy to follow and understand.  Plus, Sheryl gives personal examples from her own life to help give you ideas of other situations that Reiki can be used.  We also practiced giving Reiki to each other, which was really cool.  Sheryl showed us exactly where to place our hands and then we gave feedback on what we felt and experienced during the session.

By the end of the second day, we were all buzzing with energy!  It was absolutely amazing!  I’m looking forward to taking levels 3 & 4 in a few months. 

Sheryl is such a wonderful teacher and with her additional abilities thrown into the mix, it makes the lessons that much more interesting and rewarding. ❤️

Kaye C.

I decided to take the Reiki workshop with Sheryl because I want to become a Reiki master one day and help heal people. This was an experience I will never forget. Sheryl is extremely knowledgeable. I feel like I learned all the Reiki material and more. She is very helpful and listens and answers all your questions. It was only a group of 4 people but I feel so great to have met other likeminded people. I would also recommend taking her smudging, pendulum and crystal classes. Everything I learned in those classes were helpful in the Reiki workshop. I would recommend learning Reiki with Sheryl to EVERYONE. 

Maria V.

"Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what's coming."
~Abraham Hicks

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